Proper Car Battery Maintenance

     Whatever car you are driving, no matter how new it is, it is very important to take care of the car’s batteries. Electrical components rely on battery power to operate and a dead or dying battery can cause a lot of trouble and inconvenience to your daily routine. Ideally, a car battery should last for about 6 years but that entirely depends on how you treat the battery. A car batteries life or any rechargeable batteries life for that matter relies on multiple charge and discharge cycles. For instance, using electronics inside a car that does not have its engine running will quickly drain its batteries to levels that will not sustain heavy loads even if the engine is running. It is important to always leave enough charge for the battery in the car to operate the starter and other essentials to keep the car running.

    For car owners, it is very important to periodically check the wiring of the car. Firstly, check the wiring for any physical damage that may be caused by wear and tear, frayed and loose contacts can cause shortages and leaks that may drain or discharge your battery prematurely. If you see any exposed wiring, immediately have it serviced and replaced. Frayed wiring needs to be replaced as well because this can cause vehicular fires. Loose contact points and battery relay needs to be tightened so as not to cause sparks and untimely discharge of the battery.

    Another important aspect of car ownership that will affect battery life is that your vehicle needs to have a proper garage. Very cold weather affects the batteries ability to hold a charge and may damage it. Too hot and the effects will be the same. A hot climate can cause the batteries fluids to evaporate an effect the way it holds a charge. Having a proper place to park your car and not have it exposed to the elements will help take care of the battery of your car. Also if your battery is the type that needs a top up on fluids every now and then, always keep a bottle of distilled water handy in your car. Remember distilled and not tap water. Tap water may contain minerals that may damage your batteries fuel cells.

    Your cars battery is essential to the life of your car. Taking care of it will ensure years of service from your vehicle and will be reliable. Think of it as your car’s heart and of course without it your car will not run.