VSR techniques and its usage in various fields

VSR is the relay used in the field of automotive, trucks and marine applications. It senses the voltage generated by the input. It can be considered as next level up gradation to signal feed relay as it is fully automatic.The voltage sensitive relays are connected between dual battery banks.They are very much useful in the charging of the batteries.It is used to charge to or more batteries through a single device safely.

    The main function of the battery combiners which include VSR and automatic charging relays are to combine dual battery banks by which they can share the single charger such as store power charger or alternator and also automatically both the batteries are isolated to prevent the draining of the starter battery. Sometimes when battery combiner stops to combine battery banks, it will reopen as the demand of the load put on the charger exceeds its output. Thus combining and closing repeats again and again. When the repeating continues, the secondary battery does not charge and its power may be drained.

    The voltage sensitive relays are affordable, and are very easily installed in the dual battery management system without changing the wires in the vehicle. It ensures priority charging . It helps in starting the vehicle manually when the battery is fully discharged. The cover protects the voltage shocks which may occur in the vehicle. There is an inbuilt protection system to protect the vehicle. The LED indicator illuminates automatically when voltage sensitive relay starts working. It automatically deactivates when voltage is full or high. The cost of  installation  of the product is low as well as it is very easy to install.

    While installing the vsr ,any type of corrosive inhibition sprays should not be used as they are fully sealed and protected and do not need outer protection. We can use the grease on the metal parts only.The vsr should match the size of the batteries brought.This technology is the replacement for the split battery charging. These are compatible to the main chargers, alternators as well as the solar systems. These are also easily fitted.