Facts Everyone Should Know About Softening Of Brown Sugar

People have been using sugar for a very long time. Sugar is mainly of 2 types i.e white and brown sugar. Brown sugar is a mixture of white sugar and molasses. The darker color of brown sugar is due to the presence of molasses. This also helps in increasing its nutritional value. This type of sugar has got lower calories as compared to white sugar.

Top ways to soften the brown sugar

Brown sugar is also known as raw sugar, cane sugar, or whole cane sugar. The production of this sugar does not involve the refining process. The brown sugar is directly produced from the sugar cane juice. The sugar cane juice is being boiled and mainly left for cooling and gets crystallized over time. The crystallization of brown sugar normally takes up to months. Sometimes the brown sugar becomes hard. As it is already mentioned the brown sugar is mainly coated with molasses. When brown sugar is being exposed to air, the moisture present in the molasses mainly starts to evaporate. This mainly causes the different particles of sugar to combine with each other as the coating mainly dries out. Some of the tips to soften brown sugar include:

  1. One can add a piece of bread to the container and let it sit there for about 6 to 8 hours. Then after the brown sugar will become softened.
  2. One can also keep the hard brown sugar in the microwave-safe bowl and then place the damp paper towel, over the top of the bowl. Then the container can be heated for 30 secs, till the sugar will be softened.
  3. One can add some pieces of the marshmallow to the brown sugar container and keep it aside for a few days. The brown sugar will be softened.

Recipes that can be made using the brown sugar

One can make different types of recipes using the brown sugar.  This is mostly used in baking cakes and making puddings. This can be used as a topping over the puddings. This type of sugar can be used in the case of cereals.