Electric car charging station – types of charging stations, and billing methods

Electric car charging stations are increasingly appearing in private and public parking lots, also in office buildings, hotels, or other convenient locations. What are the types of electric car charging stations, does their construction require a permit? How is an electric car charging charged?

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Electric car charging stations and their development

Until recently, the automotive and electricity markets were treated separately. There were no synergies or relationships between them for customers. The reason for this was obvious – different types of energy carriers, i.e., oil and coal, which is the main raw material for obtaining electricity. Electric cars in this context are opening a whole new stage. They can be powered by both conventional and renewable energy sources additionally, they can be used as electricity storage facilities used during its greatest demand. From the user’s point of view, electricity becomes the common denominator for the needs of the movement and functioning of a household or business.

Electric car charging stations – types of stations and their purpose

How to promote the availability of charging stations in places where they will be necessary for electric car users? In order to be able to reply to this question, it is essential to examine more than a few elements that make up the appropriate EV charging infrastructure, i.e., devices for this purpose, energy billing systems, food waste recycling hk, and the legal aspects of charging station construction. Charging stations can be divided into three groups:

  • Slow – with alternating current below 11 kW AC,
  • Medium-fast – from 11 to 22 kW AC,
  • Fast – with a current from approx. 50 kW DC.