A detailed study about the biggest health issue in the world

Initially it was thought that obesity has been the disease that is forwarded to the kids due to the genetic factor. The recent discoveries are showing something different. It has been found that there are many important and regular issues that are causing the obesity for the kids and the adults. Excessive calorie storage and too much irregularity in the work or in life are causing the obesity among the kids and the adults mostly. This article will tell you the major reasons for obesity and the role that you and the government can play in the matter to curb the disease. Recently WHO has declared that some of the countries are really facing a big menace from this disease and they are going to face a serious damage in the coming years. Thus recovering from the condition is most important.

Reason of the obesity

Obesity is caused due to the excess fat in the body. It is caused for several reasons. Out of that the most important consideration is the calorie excess in the body. The calorie excess in the body can be a real menace, if the consumption is more than the output. Exactly the same thing is happening these days. The kids are so much bogged down at video games that they find no time to get outside. Thus they are gaining excess calorie and are leaving with obesity. The night schedule job is causing a serious problem of sleep and that is making a real menace for the life of the common people these days. Proper sleep is an important criterion for obesity and it has to be checked at the right time.

What you can do

You can balance the calorie consumption to make sure that the diet chart is perfect for your health. You can also select the perfect job or make your kids’ habit to get to bed at the right time. Getting a job, where you can sleep peacefully at night is going to make your habit perfect and that is going to reduce the chance of obesity.

What government can do?

Making the foods that are sold at the big houses perfect for consumption, so that the calorie content remains fixed is most important. Government can also schedule the job features and that should be done on an urgent basis so that the general mass can get rid of the disease and the national calamity can be reduced.