Planning to build your office and thinking about your floor design, then floor rich has various options for you in Singapore. Stone polymer composite flooring or the SPC flooring is the latest innovation of flooring technology which is going to be very advanced and stylish.        spc flooring hdb is an advanced flooring system which is engineered from the combination of natural stone powder, polyvinyl chloride and stabilizer which gives durability and strength to the floor. SPC floor is dimensionally stable with 100% water-resistant, slip-resistant and can also withstand high human traffic.

SPC flooring is the upgrade of luxury vinyl tiles and is considered as new generation flooring. the core of SPC flooring is made of resin which gives its water-resistant quality which makes it an ideal choice for kitchen floors, laundry rooms, restaurants and offices. Also because of the anti-slip quality, it can be used for elderly peoples home and children. It can be maintained easily with regular sweeping and mopping without many headaches. The SPC layer is very strong at the tops which prevent it from scratches and dents and make it an ideal choice for offices, houses and restaurants.

You can choose from a variety of colors like snow white, champagne light, northern oak, euro oak, silver lining all black etc. They also come in various textures, styles and natural-looking stone, wood or cement surface finishing. You can choose floor rich flooring because of the eco-friendly nature of production and sustainability.