Scientific tools for all kinds

Sales and service are the two major factors that decide the future of a firm. The important element is that these two must correlate and work together so that the firm can get through profit. Businesses and customers make the crucial set of starting the business operations through their requirements. Several scientific firms have relied on the equipment that will help them to carry out their functions effectively. Leehung is one of the most popular firms for laboratory tools. They aim to be the premier partner in delivering high-quality scientific instrumentation and environmental monitoring solutions. They also provide lab oven Singapore and other tools through which they support all their customers and partners.

  • Founded in 1983, the firm is known to be a huge player in the lab oven Singapore. These ovens are used for heating and drying purposes.
  • A vacuum oven is used in fast and gentle drying of heat-sensitive materials.
  • The high-performance oven is specifically designed for continuous drying at temperatures up to 306 degrees Celsius.
  • Forced Air Oven is used extensively in pilot plant product research. There are also tools for high volume samples and ideal for sensitive tissue cell culture applications.
  • A high Heat decontamination incubator is ideal for cell culture labs.

Along with these, there is also a Large Capacity incubator, Water Jacketed incubator, Microbiological incubator, Refrigerated incubator, and much more. Get to know more of their products and what it does by visiting their website. The site has all the details of the process and its functions. With over decades of experience and brand value, the firm is definite of giving out the best.