Working System of Desiccant Air Dryer

Desiccant Air Dryer

An air dryer usually works with a compressed air system. Like there is hair dryer to dry a wet hair likewise the desiccant air dryer system works in a similar manner to remove moisture from the container and compress air that is made of a particular hygroscopic material which might be activated carbon, silica gel, activated aluminum or any other such substance that is either regenerated, refrigerated and membrane type. If you are not aware of the desiccant air dryer system then let’s get a quick look at how it works and what are its advantages.

How does a Desiccant Air Dryer Work?

As all know desiccants dryers work on different principles made of a desiccant material to absorb the water from air system that is need of reversible process. Some desiccant materials have numerous pores that allow the water to stick on the substance and also make them replaced when they get saturated. From the different types of desiccant dryers, some are used for industrial purpose and few for commercial. The refrigerated and membrane air dryers are commonly used. As the name suggests it works like a refrigerator that helps warm wet air to enter into the dryer which cools down around 3 degrees Celsius. The water vapor that is accumulated and present in the air condenses in the water form which is later removed from the compressed air by using a water trap.

Desiccant Air Dryer Work

This typical system of air flow from the compressor to a container where the water vapor cools down to a lower dew point that condenses the water vapor and removes the moisture from the compressor air before it actually reaches the final processes or the critical components. Thus the air temperature of reliable desiccant air dryer system depends on two factors such as the dew point and their water holding capacity. If there is any problem then it may lead to corrosion and bacteria growth in the container which is not good. Thus, the air dryers are needed to deal with mitigate water issues.


It is known that a desiccant air dryer is made of different materials which are used for both industrial as well as commercial purpose. It is the desiccant material which has pores helps water present in the compressed air to get condensed by lowering the temperature to keep the container dry as required and this type of system is regenerated and refrigerated.