Where Did Melanotan II Come From?

This peptide was synthesized first at a department of the pharmacology in the University of Arizona. Team of scientists who led trials was quite hopeful to find the new way to battle skin cancer as well as reduce rate of the people that are harmed by UV light. The trials were conducted & started in early nineties, and scientists understood, by including their knowledge of chemicals found in human body, results that they desired can be achieved just by creating the synthetic version of body’s hormone a-MSH. By extensive research and time getting mad! They then completed their goal as well as managed to create what we called today as Melanotan 2, but before going ahead with the drug check out Melanotan 2 dosage chart.

MT2 was not just made to fight skin cancer, but was also made to help fair skinned people, for example people who have the red hair or freckles with light skin and albinism. People having light skin generally tend to burn very easily when in sun, so risk of the skin cancer is much higher for the people with such skin type. So, by using MT2, scientists believed they can help to reduce such risk as well as lower risks for everybody.

How Does It Work?

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Melanotan II generally works by increasing natural tanning procedure called melanogenesis. It involves interacting with your body’s skin cells named Melanocytes, then this gives your skin cells an ability to create more melanin –it is your body’s natural pigment. So, by accelerating the process our skin will produce body tan at the quicker rate and this must protect your skin much more when it is exposed to direct sunlight.

Rather than applying cream and lotions to the skin you inject the hormonal peptides that are what presents in M2 in your skin. Tan injections will help to stimulate the body’s natural tanning to create the tan. All this without needing to expose the body to very high UV radiation will prove harmful first. It is certainly the product for people who have any problems to get tan and burn very easily when sunbathing. Also, they can find the product highly beneficial. Melanotan 2 has the synthesized & screened peptide hormone, which is 1,000 times potent than natural alpha-melanocyte hormone that bodies produce.

An actual injecting of self-tanning product in your skin doesn’t take very long, and you do not need anyone to help you.